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As I told in the splash page this is a site devoted to that poor, misunderstood young man called Yukishiro Enishi. (for those unaware of, Tomoe's brother from the best  manga and anime series ever, YES that's it! Rurouni Kenshin!). If you don't even konow who he is and wanna learn about that little biscuit, I invite you to give this site a glimpse.

It's been a LOOOOOOOONNNGGGGG time since I last updated. You'll find that there is some new layouts, but the most important updates are on the fan fic sections. I have added some excellent pieces in the traditional Enishi/Kaoru section but in the Enishi/other characters also. And the MAIN course of this meal is the NEW section devoted to fics involving the other characters in the RK Universe (yes, EVEN Enishi-sama needs a break once in a while, poor thing...) I added also some fan art from my own fic, ade by made by a very talented reader. These are wonderful!

There will be more fan art from other fics included on the site soon. So, keep coming!!!

If you want to send any submission they are welcomed If you have one fic on Enishi, or on Enishi and Kaoru from you own pen, I'll be delighted to hear from you!

Of course, there will be room for other fanfics with the other characters of RK, but the main subject of the site is Enishi, so if you don't like him, well, I'm sorry, this is not your place...

Anyway, I hope you all out there still are open-minded enough to give this project a try. Besides, future plans will include scans, pics, mp3, etc. Those interested in submitting fan art or fan fiction, HERE I'M, all yours!!!

Bye !

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